The Potential Dangers of E Cigs for Teens and Young Adults

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There are now thousands of people using a vapor pen each and every day with more looking to take it up per year. You wouldn’t think electronic cigarettes would have caused such a stink and yet there are so many people looking at them. It seems as though more young people like the idea of them too and a lot of teens are interesting in them. However, is it really a good idea to allow a teenage or young adult to take up the old e-cigs and start vaping? Read on and maybe you might find the potential dangerous of using e-cigs for teens and young adults.

It’s Addictive

One of the major issues for many young vaping enthusiasts is that they soon find vaping to be addictive. You wouldn’t think vaping would cause such a stink and yet more people find they cannot simply walk away. Vaping can be just as addictive as traditional smoking and the reason why is because it still contains nicotine within it. There is also a risk that young people get used to the feel of the vaping device in their hands and think it’s cool. However, it is highly addictive and even when you use the e-juice flavors once a day; it’s still in your mind. More and more young people find vaping to be highly addictive.

Long-Term Smoker’s Cough

A lot of beginners find they get a vapors cough when they first start up with vaping. However, while most people find it’s a short-term ailment, some can actually find it sticks with them for a very long time. Having a long-term cough can be very concerning and simply something that could have long-lasting health implications too. A smoker’s cough isn’t just with smoking. Vaping can also bring about a new wave of coughs and it is sometimes dangerous, especially if you have asthma or other such conditions. That is why you have to be wary when using a vapor pen when you are young. It’s not always good for teens. visit for more details.

vape pens

The Lasting Damage to the Body

People are searching for the best e-juice flavors and really are enjoying them more but, while they may taste good, there are serious risks with them. Since you are using nicotine which is within the e-juices and e-liquids you still have a lot of the lasting complications that come from smoking. There is a lot of serious and lasting damage that can be done to the body with vaping. It’s not something you think about but it can happen and for teens and young adults, it’s not the best way to start their lives.

Be Wary Before Allowing Teens to Vape

Maybe there needs to be an age restriction put upon vaping simply because teens and young adults are at risk, more so than ever before. There are reasons why governments are taking action to reduce the advertisements of vaping. It’s worrying to see long-term health risks, especially for young teens and adults but they don’t always think of the risks to their health. Sometimes, the lasting implications can be with them forever and it can impact their live on a major scale too. If you’re a teen, be wary before picking up a vapor pen.